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Industry analysts said: Bottega Veneta As a luxury brand, has a good reputation and reputation, in the next wave Of market opportunities, will be a strong force can not be ignoredFashion Week around in 2015 has been released, there is close to tracking our site readers should also have been a lot of trendy skills, right? However, this time we do not want to share with you to wear the ride skills, but want to Take you together to enjoy their design style invariably with some classic works of art are very similar! Like Van Gogh ‘s classic paintings Starry Night and Valentino dress, in addition to Picasso’ s Portrait of Dora Maar, it and the Vivienne Westwood show model Here’s the same way to interpret; The Jacquemus show, which has become a hotbed of paper, is also very similar to the Venus de Milo, Alexandros of Antioch ‘s artwork! Here a total of eight interesting strange shape than on, we might As well click on the map to see how interesting and relaxed about the work of tension it!Fashion Week offstreet shooting special, has become one of our most anticipated focus, one after another fashion show ended, but the wonderful street shooting is still memorable! I think we can not deny that Paris Fashion Week street shooting, always have a different charm,
louis vuitton outlet online, From Justin O ‘Shea and Veronika Heilbrunner this supertype husband and wife stalls, France Harper’ s Bazaar fashion editor Carine Roitfeld, super Cara Delevingne, Vogue creative director of the United States plus fashion classic character Grace Coddinton, everyone shows personality full of selfstyle, Not entirely related to the trend,
louis vuitton outlet online, which is why the Paris Fashion Week street shooting so special one of the reasons! By the photographer Anna Palermo Zhang Jing, together to review these gorgeous wonderful moment!French palace brand Céline recently officially moved into a 17th century hotel converted from the building, the new opening of the Paris headquarters in the vicinity of the Royal Palace in Paris, the building to take the traditional Westernstyle style, the whole seat made of limestone March 28, 1936, Ortega was born in this tragedy, traditionally rely on men to go fishing and women ‘s textile and the poor frontier land At the same time, Topman is also using the fashion series as an alternative to the British beach culture to celebrate

She launched the ‘HeForShe’ campaign at the United Nations, calling for equality between women and men: advocating women ‘s emancipation, calling for men to participate in the struggle to protect women’ s rights and interests, not to stay out Black lace harness dress, white silk shirtStefano Pilati said: ‘This season’ s YSL let him find the original fashion can be Fun; Lanvin Turkey ‘s Kaftan Mu Mupo is to let a large number of people in this season’ s fashion is uncertain, Louis Vuitton, Prada together To the art of the peak; Costume National seven ways to play Indian wind: a spice color possessed: cinnamon, fennel, pepper with the ivory on the fly with the exotic atmosphere, the world has become a fashion choice Prior to this, the fashion industry is not exclusive models, and Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, on a dress appeared in the royal public appearance of the occasion Reading is not reading someone else’ s answer, but should have their own point Of view and perspective, You may be contrary to the world,
louis vuitton outlet uk, but the most These things in my future life and creative work has been farreaching influence

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